Negan up coming escapes due to the fact Aaron is actually suddenly attacked of the walkers

Negan up coming escapes due to the fact Aaron is actually suddenly attacked of the walkers

Into the good cabin, Negan patiently hides and you will waits because the good blind Aaron seeks defense into the shopping for your. Whenever Aaron factors sounds, walkers storm within the. Negan quickly conserves Aaron to your crowbar and you may informs your this new plants expanding out of the walkers are known as hogweed and can end in loss of sight. The guy hand your h2o and you will tells your they are going to log off about day. During the dawn, Negan enjoys check out by a windows whenever Aaron informs him the guy is also fundamentally find. Then they return in order to Alexandria.

“Silence the Whisperers”

Negan is doing errands around the neighborhood when Lydia visits your to tell him their guidance to ignore the girl bullies is not doing work and they remain bothering her. Before they’re able to continue talking, Daryl comes and you will sales the woman to leave. “This woman is simply seeking easily fit in,” Negan states. Pennsylvania dating Daryl informs your that’ll not takes place having your getting doing the woman and you may simply leaves.

Later you to definitely night, Negan hears just like the Lydia will be attacked of the Gage, Margo and you can Alfred and you may pertains to their help save. He sets Margo towards a wall, and you will protects Lydia. Terrified, Gage states they were only trying to frighten this lady. Brandon arrives in addition they know that Margo is inactive. Negan will be kept alarmed over that it. In the event that most other owners arrived at the scene, Daryl requests Negan is set into his phone instantaneously.

A short while later, Negan is actually visited in his phone because of the Daryl. He says to Negan anyone wanted him dead, however, Negan says it actually was a major accident and you can Margo try an enthusiastic arse anyway to possess beating for the a kid. Daryl asks as to the reasons the guy assisted Lydia and Negan claims the guy believes within life. Daryl claims he’s going to rating a chance to tell their front and will leave. not, Negan try somehow create off their mobile by the some body from the center of one’s nights and you will escapes the city taking on the latest trees.

“Exactly what it Always Was”

Negan washes their face into the a river when Brandon happens and you will pretends to hold a knife so you’re able to your. He suggests he is kidding and you can throws your a great canteen. Negan products from it then flashes a smile. Later that go out, Negan was and work out a good spear and you will will get mad in the Brandon whenever he attempts to mimic the fresh Saviors’ whistling. While they walk around the trees, Brandon starts thinking concerning Haven and you can suggests he could be upset that Rick Grimes murdered his parents. Then he says he read you to definitely Negan sample Carl. Negan will get resentful and you may corrects your, proving respect so you can Carl, and you may saying he’d never kill a child. “We are both Negan”, Brandon states relatively expertise your.

It continue the journey and find good Whisperer edging. Just before they may be able look at the, an effective walker symptoms Negan. He spends the newest cable as much as their neck in order to rip its head out of and you can stomps the direct. The guy sarcastically thank-you Brandon, whom suggests he was and also make him several other Lucille and he got along with sneaked their leather-jacket about neighborhood. Negan smiles but asks your to put it-all back in this new handbag once the he does not want as accepted.

When shopping for safeguards, Brandon asks Negan in order to speed girls walkers into the hotness when out of the blue it hear screams from within a bus. Negan operates inside and you may stabs numerous walkers to save a lady and her child. Brandon happens and you can complements Negan on their brutal walker killings, contrasting him so you can his old worry about. Later on, Amelia shares her story that have Negan and you will Brandon. She following requires her boy Milo to have a stroll once the Brandon suggests it deprive her or him. Negan finishes him and you will commands your to return so you can Alexandria. Brandon says he are unable to return, very Negan informs him to visit no matter where the brand new hell he wishes, provided the guy does not see his scary deal with again. “You might be identical to all of the anyone else,” Brandon says before you leave.

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